Victoria Hughes, Harpist

Music That Heals...

In addition to performing at conventional music venues, Victoria Hughes has also spent several years performing as a part of patient therapy at Alta Bates hospital in Berkeley. Here she became well known and loved for her special “Soothing Music” selections – music to still the soul and calm the nerves. Soft, slow melodies of hymns, folk songs and American spirituals, Irish and Celtic laments, and other tunes were used to great effect on people from all walks of life.

It was here that in addition to playing in the lobby, she developed her “music in the wards” program. Many people remember the experience of hearing melodic harp music wafting into their hospital rooms. The words most often used in describing the experience were “soothing,” “spiritually uplifting” and “healing.”

Please enjoy and relax as you listen to these soothing selections!

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Soothing Music

Healing Music Samples

WhatWhat Wondrous Love is This

Only Time: EnyaOnly Time: Enya

All the Pretty Little Horses the Pretty Little Horses